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Shanghai Harvest Chemical Co., Ltd. specialize in research and distribution of Specialty Chemicals. We have lab. in Shanghai, close cooperation with many Chinese Universities and colleges had highly enchanced our capability in supplying complicated structure compounds. We have rich experience in providing custom synthesis and contract manufacturing from grams to hundred kgs.
We are an active supplier of advanced and novel intermediates. Our products include aromatic compounds, heterocylic compounds, chirality compounds, etc. Fast, cost competitive, high quality, stable service is what we are pride of, our high efficient, long-term stable service will let you feel we are part of you - just in your adjoining office.
We are people and customer oriented. We take people as the foremost, make effort to establish a professional, high-efficient and long-term stable team. We aim to develop a win-win corporation with customers from all over the world.
Please contact us when you are in trouble of finding a special compound or controlling cost with ongoing project. In most time, you will harvest a pleasant surprise.
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